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To: Francis Collins

NIH, please create a new RFA for ME/CFS

NIH, please create a new RFA for ME/CFS

A group of scientists from around the country have recently pointed out the obvious: that ME/CFS is massively underfunded. Kindly

1. please administer grants to qualified researchers to study this underserved illness

2. give ME/CFS a rightful home in the neurological disease department (NINDS)

Why is this important?

Reasons for signing

  • I have had M.E. for 22 years, By the age of 21 i weighed 4 stone 12 pounds, due to the digestive difficulties it gives me. I feel so unwell, i'd like some help soon.
  • I am from Australia. There is a desperate need for high quality research into ME/CFS.
  • Extremely serious disease. Should have had treatments long ago.


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