To: California Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer

Need NIH funding to cure M.E. for 1-2 million Americans

Need NIH funding to cure M.E. for 1-2 million Americans

M.E., Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, is a horrible disease affecting up approx 1 in 400, and a quarter are severely affected, not able to care for themselves due to neuroimmune degradation.
NIH Spends for R&D, per patient annually:
HIV/AIDS - $2500 per patient for 1.2 million patients
ME-CFS - $5 per patient for 1-2 million patients, with much worse quality of life vs HIV

AIDS Research took a death sentence & made this a manageable disease
ME-CFS needs the same level of effort to solve this worse disease that often is lifelong. Request $250M per year for ME-CFS R&D, so NIH can stop discrimination against ME-CFS and related diseases.

Why is this important?

The lack of biomarkers for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis makes this disease hard to track by CDC, or find cures by NIH. R&D funding is needed to cure ME/CFS, saving $20Billion per year to US, and getting these patients back into schools & workforce. Just like AIDS 35 years ago, we need your help to now solve the last major chronic disease that we still know almost nothing about. For more info, see also

Reasons for signing

  • I have had ME/CFS for 30+ years and have not been able to live to my fullest potential because of lack of real information and research.
  • I am a Clinical Psychologist and I have ME. I know from personal experience as a clinician and an ME patient, that it is a misuse of scarce resources to fund psychological research and treatment. It is critical that resources are directed at biomedical research as the only hope for effective treatments to be developed.
  • Money was stolen from ME/CFS patients. It is time for it to be returned.


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We need to make millions missing visible. Consider leaving a Blue light on until NIH funds R&D to Cure M.E., and put blue ribbon on mailbox or door handle, porch etc. Please attend MEACTION San Francisco demonstration May 25th at HHS building in San Francisco noon to 2 pm to demaond $250M funding for ME/CFS R&D at NIH per year.

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