To: Prime Minister - David Cameron

Fund research into CFS/ME and educate health professionals.

Fund research into CFS/ME and educate health professionals.

I am one of the 250,000 people in the UK suffering with CFS/ME.

We have great difficulty obtaining DWP sickness and disability benefits, often requiring an appeal process which in turn results in the sufferers symptoms worsening due to all the stress it causes. Some have even taken their own lives. Actual figures aren't being released by the government.

Health Care Professionals need educating about CFS/ME. Many people with ME experience long delays, sometimes over a year, in obtaining a formal diagnosis. In the meantime, they are often given inadequate, or even inappropriate or harmful advice, on management. This is because medical education on both the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS at undergraduate and postgraduate level is sketchy or even non-existent.

The 2007 NICE guidelines need a full revision. Suggestions from these guidelines have reported to worsen the condition.

On top of this many parts of the UK do not even have a local hospital-based specialist in which GPs can refer them to.

A lot more funding for biomedical research is desperately needed from the government and shouldn't be left largely to the charity sector.

Please help us to get the help that we so desperately need.

Why is this important?

So that CFS/ME sufferers can finally be taken seriously and understood.
To stop so many people with this illness taking their own lives.
To get the medical and financial help for people with CFS/ME

Reasons for signing

  • Sufferers of ME have suffered inequality for too long, so please wake up to this awful condition.
  • My life stopped 29 years ago with sudden viral onset. When is the medical community and our governments going to stop harming us?!!
  • My daughter has been suffering from ME for 14 years.