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To: Prime Minister - David Cameron

Fund research into CFS/ME and educate health professionals.

Fund research into CFS/ME and educate health professionals.

Please help us. There are 250,000 people suffering with CFS/ME We desperately need more funding put into biomedical research, we desperately need to find a cure. We also are crying out for our health professionals to become educated in this area. We need it to become a lot easier for people to get the health, and financial support we desperately need without all the added pressure stress and hassle of not being believed by our GP's and other medical professionals. Then if we are fortunate enough to have a good GP who believes we aren't making this illness up, we may be advised to have some private blood tests done. When we have paid out for private tests to be done and finally get people to take us seriously, there's a good chance that we will become so unwell that we are unable to work. I'm sure I am not the only one with CFS/ME that has lost a career/job that they loved. After going through all that, a lot of us then need to have to apply for ESA and disability related benefits to help us to survive. Going through this process has stressed me out beyond belief. It has made me sink deeper into depression and my anxiety has heightened dramatically. This is not to mention my physical condition. I'm sure that the upset and worry of losing a job, then the stress, pressure and worry that is caused by trying to apply for much needed benefits takes it's toll on peoples symptoms and makes them a lot, lot worse. I'm mostly house bound now and at times have become bed bound. I used to be able to work full time whilst being a non- driving single mother and enjoyed every minute of it! Many of us have a fulfilling life that gets stolen away from us overnight. We really need someone to help us.

Why is this important?

So that CFS/ME sufferers can finally be taken seriously and understood.
To stop people taking their own lives.
To help people with CFS/ME get well again or at least be able to receive the medical/financial help they need to avoid symptoms worsening..

Reasons for signing

  • My best friend Laura’s has been chronically ill with ME/CFS for nearly 18 years now. She gets progressively worse and is bed ridden. She continuously had to reduce her contact with the outside world, starting with being unable to travel and then work, talk on the phone, video chat or sustain conversation for long now. She has tried everything, has lost all quality of life and cannot have visits with friends. I don’t know how she can continue to live like this.
  • My daughter has ME again following an operation last year. She is devastated. She has lost her job which she loved and is concerned about her future prospects, so sad. Please take this seriously.
  • Those affected often have such little energy to manage daily living and so need the support from those who are more fortunate than themselves. Professionals need to be made aware of how dreadful this condition is.


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